About Us.

We’re not about black suits and blue ties; we believe in ideas and imagination. That’s why we create remarkable moments and events for people who share our passion for unforgettable experiences. We’re proud of our independence and our history, which spans almost two decades. Big or small, global or local, when you work with us you are guaranteed bold ideas and genuine interactions. The main event is about you, not us. We love to exceed expectations because we love what we do.

Together let’s take your business to new places with next-level experiences.

We deliver conferences, incentive programs, product launches, gala dinners, award ceremonies, exhibitions and roadshows.

Rebecca Martin

Senior Event Manager

Nicole Fountain


Mel Taylor

Marketing & Events Executive

Cheynéé Scott

Event Manager

Carlo De Leonardis

Senior Event Manager

Kristina Griffiths


Carlos Oliveria

Travel Manager

Jenny Appel

Business Manager

James Hocking

Business Development Manager

Shelby Salisbury

Event Coordinator

Tracey Bailey


Shane Moore


Yashodha Nair

Senior Event Manager

Chris Mulham

Senior Producer

Grant Mitchell


Stephie Giovanni

Finance & Quality Manager

Emily Longo

Event Assistant

Caitlin Vogelzang

Event Coordinator

Delegates registered
Concepts developed
Flights booked
Stages designed

Our Vision.

We reimagine the possibilities and then develop sophisticated solutions to deliver meaningful results. We don’t just believe in events; we believe in experiences. We’re always looking for new ways to illuminate your brand and bring your message to life. Our work energises and invigorates us and we want you to feel that way too. We are professional yet dynamic; we like to have fun but we are far from frivolous. Integrity means everything to us, as does honesty and a commitment to long-term partnerships. Most importantly, we care deeply about our clients: taking care of your business is our business.

We’re always looking for new ways to illuminate your brand and bring your message to life, and we really enjoy what we do. Our work energises and invigorates us, and we want you to feel that way too.